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Sizing Charts- Male

1. All measurements must be inches.
2. We must have one chart for each individual dancer or actor.
3. A measurement chart must be attached with each order form.
4. Accurate measurements are crucial to the fit of a garment. While you are buying a Costume based on our expertise and experience, we are relying on you to supply accurate information. We cannot be held responsible for garments that do not fit properly if the information we are given is not correct.
  • Have someone else measure you.
  • Stand naturally while being measured.
  • Do not wear clothing or a leotard being measured - Undergarments are best as clothing is bulky and leotards will distort the measurement.
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Shoulder to Waist (H)
Shoulder to Low Hip (I)
Shoulder to High Hip (J)
Waist (K)
High Hip (at hip bone) (L)
Low Hip ( Largest part ) (M)
Waist to Ankle (N)
Waist to knee (O)
Around Calf (P)
1/2 Girth (Waist to waist between legs) (Q)